I am one of the original collectors of cameo proof coins from 1950 to 1970. I was also an early participant in ultra cameo and deep cameo proof type coins. If the history of 1950-1970 cameos repeats itself, ultra cameo proof type should be quite exciting. I also collect proof buffalo nickels and half cents. Contact me if you have something special. Please send an e-mail as the phone number listed is incorrect.
This is a black and white ultra cameo dollar. It is part of a complete 1882 ultra cameo proof set I am building. The dollar is 67* ultra cameo, the trade dollar is 66ucam, the halves are 68 ucam and a 67 ucam, the quarter is 67 ucam, the dime is a 65 ucam, the nickels are 66 deep cameo and a 67 cameo, the three cent nickel is 66 ucam and a 67 cameo. Where is the penny? I have added a 66 bn cameo. Anyone with a great coin that can be potentially added to the set please contact me.
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